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STOP Counting Calories!

I've never been into calorie counting and since becoming a Certified Health and Wellness Coach... I also would never personally recommend it to a client!

What people need to understand is that if you plan to count calories, you should also have a plan to track the "quality" of calories you're eating!

The "quality" of calories makes all the difference when putting into mind the calories you're eating. (Think: "Quality" NOT "Quantity" of calories!)

It's really more about a "balanced" diet as well as cutting out the fake crap, and replacing it with "real" food!

Basically, if it comes in a box... or you have to read labels, try to replace it with something fresh or real!

I believe summertime is a great time to try to replace your bad "snacking-habits"!

Rather than reaching for that quick bag of chips, popcorn or other not so healthy quick snack that you would typically grab...

Try picking up a few pieces of fresh fruit or your favorite raw veggies, like baby carrots or celery sticks. Seed and nuts are great too!

Next time you want a quick summer snack grab a piece of fresh fruit, which is super juicy and refreshing in the summer!

Or, grab some crunchy baby carrots or celery sticks, which both have water content making them both great summer snacks!

Making this snacking habit change easily during the summer; will then allow you to continue it on as a new formed healthy habit!

Read the following informative article for more facts and information regarding this very topic!

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