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Cancer Warning on Garden Stakes?!?! ⚠️

I stopped at my local hardware/garden center store the other night and decided I’d splurge on these fancy, just under $2 and $5 plant stakes!

I typically just use random branches and some string or twisty-ties I have laying around the house.

I thought these were less expensive than I’d expected, would last longer and would look a bit cleaner/nicer in the garden.

So, I splurged ($14) and bought them for my Peonies and Hollyhocks.

Yesterday morning I got up, made coffee, you know, the usual morning routine. Then I excitedly went out to place my fancy new plant stakes!

My poor Hollyhocks have grown so tall, they’ve been fallen over laying, yet still blooming, on the ground!

I took the stakes out and went to remove the packaging and I was Seriously Shocked! The garden stakes gave a WARNING ⚠️ Label!

No... not for like safety concerns or something you’d logically think!

A freaking CANCER WARNING!!! ⚠️

I returned them to the store yesterday!!!

My Hollyhocks are also happily standing tall again... with twisty-tie string and hooks!


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