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Full Moon in Pisces!

Full Moon in Pisces!

Balance Spirituality and Practicality

Have you been so head-in-the-clouds that you’ve lost touch with reality? If so, take this card as a sign that you need to pay attention and make a concerted effort to move towards your goals - the more practical steps you can take, the better. It’s time to find an inner balance between your responsibilities and your dreams. Meditate on your question and the solutions to your issue may now come through very clearly. If you’re in a tricky situation because you’ve been acting the martyr, this card will be a message from the cosmos to drop the act, for everyone’s sake.

Attune to the Moon:

Meditate every day and see what comes to you. Answers will come.

The Teaching:

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, so the Full Moon in Pisces symbolically marks endings. When the Moon is full in Pisces, or whenever you pull this card, it’s a time to dive deep into your emotions. Practicality is at odds with the numinous. Piscean energies that have no borders, so feel your way now. Psychic ability is heightened when the Full Moon is in Pisces, and soulmates now connect. It’s also a time to send out your dreams to the Universe, releasing your fears.


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