June 4th!



June 4th!

Join my 28-Day "Be Healthy" Program!

Start Your Summer Off Right!

Drink a Delicious Shake-a-Day for 28-Days

My 28-Day “Be Healthy” Program is designed so that in 28 days you'll be looking and feeling better than you have in months!


Picture This: A Certified Health and Wellness Coach helps you decide what to eat for an entire 28 days, and you (finally) get healthy and lose a few pounds, once and for all--without falling off track.


Because that's always what happens, isn't it? You have the best intentions, but then something happens, and the laid-out plans for your health—and new self—go awry.


Falling off track completely sucks—especially when you've tried so many times to commit yourself to your health goals.


It can crush your self-esteem.


Break your self-love.


And cause little hateful remarks to scrape away at your conscience.


Falling off track and not having it together can make you feel like something's way wrong with you. (“Why did I have to have two pieces of cake?!”)


Like you're not disciplined enough. (“More cake!”)  


Or strong enough. (“Forget it, give me cake.”)


Or good enough. (“Why. Can't. I. Stop. Eating. Cake.”)


And, as for “bathing suit season”—forget it—you’ve already banned yourself to swimsuit-cover-up-world for eternity.

Except there's REALLY good news: You don’t have to!


You are disciplined enough! You are strong enough! And you are good enough! You aren't doomed to live in sarongs and billowy tops forever! The secret? You just have to learn how to eat right!!


My 28-Day “Be Healthy” Program, online course is so much more than just an (amazing!) online health program. It’s an entire community of like-minded souls that believe in you!


That believe in the power of good, soul-nourishing nutrition.


That believe that it's about more than how your body looks—it's how you feel in it.


And that believe that no matter who you are, where you are, or what your situation is, the very first step to dramatically improving your quality of life always starts from within.


This program is designed to help you figure out what, to put within. To figure out how to find your most healthy, just the right size and sexy self the right way. No fad diets. No grapefruits and cottage cheese meal plans. No B.S.


When You Join My 28-Day “Be Healthy” Program:


• You'll lose up to 5 pounds total after 28 days. Hello, jeans-I-haven't-worn-in-years.

• You'll have enough energy to tackle a tiger during the day (not recommended), and a much more restful sleep at night.

• Your skin will become so glowingly vibrant and clear, you'll wonder if you should have been a Neutrogena model.

• Your mood will catapult into a steady state of happiness blended with bliss—and a dash of sexy spring-in-your-step.

• You won't have to think about anything. Except maybe how good it'll feel when the future just the right size You saunters into your high school reunion, confidently grabs a glass of wine, and makes the former mean girl green with envy. With my 28-Day “Be Healthy” Online Health Program, your smoothies and supplements are shipped straight to your door, and all you have to do is open the box, and enjoy.

• You will not get hungry. Hungry isn't healthy. You'll eat five yummy meals and snacks each day, and you'll love 'em all. (Beats a chemical-laden, tiny-portioned Lean Cuisine any day, right?)

• You'll have your very own personal health and wellness coach. I won't just kick your butt—I’ll send you detailed lists of what to buy at the grocery store, what to keep stocked in your kitchen, and even what to order at restaurants or eat at parties. And most importantly? I won't let you give up on yourself.

• You'll have the support of others currently enrolled in the program. With our online FB Group, you'll find the inspiration—and motivation—to keep on going. Even when it feels so darn hard. (Because sometimes, it will.)


You'll even benefit in other fun ways, too, like saving on your monthly grocery bill, being more productive in your home and work life (clear minds are the best productivity tool out there), and the knowledge that you're becoming the person you were meant to be—not the one you secretly talked down to all those years. -- Bye. Bye.

Here's What You'll Get When You Enroll:


• Four weeks of an online health and wellness program, educating you on nutrition and the body, delivered online via videos, hand-outs and action steps

• 28-day supply of healthy, delicious breakfast smoothies designed to jump-start your journey

• 28-day supply of the #1 rated multivitamin in North America (because this is way more important than most people think)

• 28-day supply of the #1 rated fish oil in North America (again, you'll be surprised by the effect)

• TONS of video trainings to teach you the ins and outs of Proper Nutrition 101, health and wellness.

• Shopping lists and recipes, you can personalize toward your tastes so you know exactly what to eat that's enjoyable but also keeps you healthy

• Food charts, handouts and lots of other resources to continue on with your new healthy, just the right size You and sexified self

• Access to the 28-Day “Be Healthy” Program online FB Group for support and to connect with other participants for ideas and motivation

• Incredible FREE bonuses like exercise videos, eBook and bonus video trainings given by leading wellness experts included in the cost of enrollment

• A new body, a new life, a new perspective, and unlimited possibility

Your 28-Day Plan Looks Like This:


First up: Prep Week

You’ll gain access to the FB Group and start learning, planning, setting your goals and connecting with other participants.


Days 1-28 & Beyond – Healthy Is Sexy Nutrition for Life

You’ll eat 5 healthy meals and snacks per day, including one delicious smoothie for breakfast (or lunch) – you can choose which meal you replace with it. For example, a smoothie for breakfast, healthy low glycemic snack, healthy low glycemic lunch, or, a healthy low glycemic breakfast, healthy low glycemic snack and your delicious smoothie for lunch. You pick! It’s your choice! You can change it up daily to fit your needs or schedule too!

I’ll provide you with recipes, ideas for dining out, and tons of tools to fit into your lifestyle and make your program a success!

ALL FOR ONLY $178!!! (USD + tax & shipping)


Time to make it easy on yourself, don't you think?

When you register, you'll also receive these free enrollment bonuses:


As a 28-Day “Be Healthy” Program Participant, you’ll receive a TON of amazing lifestyle bonuses, created by leading industry experts, including:


  • At-Home Yoga Videos By: TeamBoho @ BoHo Beautiful – Juliana & Mark

  • Get Thin Arms in Only 5 Minutes | NewBeauty Body w/ fitness instructor Deborah Sweets

  • Learn 3 Acupressure Points to Instantly Reduce Stress And Anxiety

       Acupressure Video By: Josie Bouchier, L.Ac.

  • Primary Foods explained by Dr. Karen Wolfe

  • Why it's effective to use natural skin care products exclusively

       w/ Luminance Skincare

  • Healthy Kids Videos and recipes by:

  •   And lots more.

And they’re ALL yours, included in the cost of enrollment!

Weekly Content Schedule:


Prep Week – Starting with Your Why

You’ll start preparing for your 28-Day challenge and delve into your “why” for doing the program and set goals that are specific to you.


Week #1 Getting Started with Your Nutrition Challenge

 + Understanding the Glycemic Index

Tips, strategies, and ideas to jumpstart your nutrition program. Learn why diets don’t work, and how small changes in our daily choices can add up to big results. You’ll learn how your body responds to certain foods and the physiological triggers for cravings, and how to construct healthy, low-glycemic index (low-GI) meals and snacks.


Week #2 – Grocery Shopping + Eating Out and SNACKING!! + The Importance of Staying Hydrated!!!

We’ll go over your general/weekly shopping planning! We’ll also discuss how to keep with your healthy lifestyle no matter where or what situation you are in, such as the best options to choose at restaurants, happy hours, social gatherings & general travel. As well as… SNACKING!!! Plus, the importance of staying hydrated!!!


Week #3 – Understanding Inflammation + Exercise & Proper Supplementation

Learn why moderate exercise and proper supplementation are the keys to unlocking your best self. You don’t have to be a gym-rat to look fabulous, just follow a few easy guidelines to keep your body in check and healthy. We’ll also dive deeper into why supplementation is crucial for long-term health and anti-aging.


Week #4 – Keeping Your New Healthy Habits Lifestyle for Life + Online Health Program Wrap-up

We’ll discuss how to stay on this program for life!


Post Program – Lifestyle Bonuses!

Lots of fun extras including videos on juicing, making green smoothies, healthy kids, healthy skincare, and more!


Who Can Join?


Everyone! Well, all ladies (and men) 18 and up, that is. (Prices will vary in other countries, email me for details.) Your male significant-other can join you too!!! Or your co-worker, BFF, sister or mother!


So ask yourself: Where do you want your body to be in one month from now?


Huge changes can be made in a small amount of time. If you think this program is for you, click the button to register. I'll see you there!

Join Today for Only $178!!! (USD + Tax & Shipping)



June 4th!

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