What if you could look and feel better from the inside out?


Stuck. Overwhelmed. Overworked. Stressed. Sick.


These are the things that are holding you back.


You spend the spare minutes you have to yourself thinking:


●     You’re moody, irritable, and not that fun to be around. You just want to be yourself again!

●     Your skin is breaking out. You’re even losing your hair!

●     You can’t remember the last time you relaxed and really connected with yourself.

●     You aren’t getting good sleep and it’s showing.

●     You can’t keep going on like this. You are plain unhappy.



Let me tell you a secret.


Food and nutrition can heal.


And this is what life looks like once you learn that:


●     You wake up energized and feel ready for the day. No more foggy brain!

●     You have skin breakouts and irritation totally under control.

●     You feel less stress, irritability, and moodiness.

●     You actually feel like you look better and feel better.

●     Not only are you healthier, but your family is too!


I know this isn’t the first time you’ve looked for a solution.


You’ve turned to doctors, medications, blood tests, the works to try to figure out what’s wrong. You’ve tried your hand at dieting, taking vitamins, and detoxing. You looked for answers in books and hard-core fitness problems, but you found little to actually implement in your life.


Why do these solutions fail?


We are overwhelmed by loads of confusing and contradicting information. How do you know what’s right? How do you do it on your own? These solutions can get expensive very fast and leave you more overwhelmed than when you began.


But you still want to feel better.


And that’s why I’m excited to introduce to you...


8 Weeks of Nutrition + Self-Care


In this 8-week program, you’ll learn exactly how to take care of yourself from the inside out.


Over these transformative weeks, you will have my commitment to help you reach your personal health goals and this might be the accountability you were missing before. With our weekly sessions and email support I will be with you every step of your health journey.


What Will You Learn?


Pillar 1: Self Care


●     Daily skin care routine

●     Water consumption

●     Customized self-care activities

●     Movement

●     Sleep



Pillar 2: Nutrition


●     Self-awareness of eating habits

●     Replacing the bad and adding in the good

●     Meal planning and shopping list prep

●     Super foods and gut health


With the right knowledge, you can create the balanced lifestyle your body has been craving.


Let me lead you through this journey into health and wellness and most importantly, feeling better inside and out.




Who Am I?


My name is Shantell, the Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach of PNW Health and Wellness. I'm a wife and mother to 3 amazing children! I want to help teach busy women and overworked moms how to get their health back!


Too many women (moms especially) put their own health and wellness aside to take care of their career, children and spouses. I’m here to teach women about healthy eating and healthier lifestyle habits.


A balanced lifestyle can make you feel good! You can feel better and look better all by making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle habits!


I know this because I’ve done it myself.


I'm an Institute for Integrative Nutrition Graduate, I've read countless books and spent countless hours researching these topics, attended webinars and health summits. I've healed my own and my kid’s skin breakouts and irritations. I've improved my own indigestion. I've improved my sleep habits and routine, giving me much more energy. I've created meal planning and shopping prep techniques that work for my family and give me more time to spend with my kids and my spouse.


It all comes down to knowing how to take care of yourself. Because then you can take care of the people around you.


Here’s How it Works


I work with each client on an individual level to help teach them how to look and feel better from the inside out through nutrition, health and wellness.


Through a balanced lifestyle and cleaner more natural foods you can begin to feel the difference and see the difference.


I teach simple to understand information about nutrition, health and wellness. I even give away my meal planning and shopping prep techniques to make shopping and cooking easier.


I’m here for you 100% as you take the next steps toward the health and wellness you’ve been waiting for.



Is This Program for You?


●     You feel overworked and overwhelmed, but you value your health and you’re ready to make a change.

●     You realize that it’s time to put yourself first, you just don’t know how.

●     You’re a stay at home mom or career woman who can’t take being unhealthy and unhappy for one more month.



If this is you, we can work together to create a life that looks like this:


●     You feel better and everyone around you can tell.

●     You have nutritious meal options for yourself and your family.

●     You feel that meal planning and shopping is easier and better.

●     You have more time with your spouse and kids in the evening.

●     Your skin looks better and feels better.

●     You’re sleeping habits have improved and you finally have more energy.


This doesn’t have to be a fantasy.


I’m here to show you the simple steps to take to build a balanced lifestyle at last.