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Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach


My Mission


Let me first introduce myself!


My name is Shantell and I am the Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,

MBG Functional Nutrition Expert, Reiki Master,

Certified Meditation & Mindfulness Practitioner/Coach, and a Dr. Amen Brain Health Licensed Trainer - of PNW Health and Wellness!


Let me tell you why I’m here…

I'm here to empower and inspire others about their bodies and their health!

I want to help teach busy women and overworked moms how to get their health back!

Too many women (moms especially) put their own health and wellness aside to take care of their career,

children and spouses. I’m here to teach women about healthy eating and healthier lifestyle habits.


Starting by taking back Your Health and Happiness through reconnecting to Yourself - Mind. Body. Soul.


Doing this the way I've learned through nutrition, mental health, spirituality and creating a balanced lifestyle.


Learning the Mind-Body connection... is SO powerful!!


Practicing Bio-Individuality and understanding that every"Body" is truly different!


Holistic Health and Wellness addresses the root cause of health challenges. (rather than band-aid the symptoms)


My intention is to focus on the Healing of an individual as a “Whole”.


Through the balancing of the Mind, Body, and Soul!

My approach to Health Coaching is to...

Create Healthy Habits... Not Restrictions!

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

My Story


MBG Health Coach Badge
Institute for Integrative Nutrition Badge
MBG Functional Nutrition Expert Badge
Brain Health Licensed Trainer Badge
Certified Usui Reiki Ryoho Master Badge
RYT 200 Yoga Badge

Services I  Offer

1:1 Virtual Personal Health Coaching

Personal Health Coaching - (6 Session Package)


Image by Edz Norton


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