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Box Contents & Crystals (Crystals offered in the Boxes)


Abalone Shell: Connected to the Ocean/Moon/Life.

White Sage & Flowers Smudge Stick: White Sage is often used in purification rituals and Healing Ceremonies. It’s used for cleansing and purification. It is also used for clearing spaces of negative and stagnant energies. This Sage is responsibly sourced in California. Burning Sage is a powerful tool for Spiritual practices. It is also commonly used to practice mindfulness and transcendental meditation.

Palo Santoa.k.a. “Holy Wood” is a highly regarded gift from nature that has Spiritual purifying qualities. Helps to clear-out the “bad energy”. Those who believe in its powers will be blessed with good fortune. Known as one of the most fragrant woods in the world. It has sweet scents of lemon, mint, and pine. The oils within Palo Santo have rich healing qualities. When lit all of these qualities and benefits are emitted into your room through the air. It’s a strong yet soothing scent.

Selenite: Selenite is named after the Greek Goddess of the Moon. The light of its luminous, milky, glow are known to release blocked emotions and remove stagnant energies.

Black Tourmaline: Is said to work like a vacuum cleaner. Clearing out heavy, negative energies. It repels and blocks negative and low vibrational energies.

Natural Raw Crystal – (select One (1) for your Box selection)


Rose Quartz – The "Love" Stone. Encourages emotional healing. Clears toxic attachments. Helps restore trust. Opens heart chakra. Attracts love. Self-Love. Gentleness. Inspires Compassion. Supports both Emotional & Relationship Healing. Brings feelings of Peace. Brings feelings of calmness and reassurance. Attached to joy, love, abundance, and energy.


Citrine – Sometimes referred to as “The Stone of Summer” or “The Sunshine Stone”. Citrine is known for its properties of prosperity, joy and energy. Power of positivity. It’s also known as “The Merchants” stone, as is brings good luck to business and trade. Improves Self-esteem, Self-confidence, and Self-trust. Produces a positive energy which helps bring you into a lighter more positive mood, calmness of feelings, and balancing your emotions.


Clear Quartz – Known as the “Master” Healer. Aids in concentration. Unlocks memory. Enhances mental clarity. Allows you to be and stay more focused. Good use in Meditation. Brings a sense of Calmness. Enhancing positivity. Helps boost immune system. Helps to clear toxins from the body. Enhances psychic abilities. It amplifies energy. Attracts positivity. Can help with emotional stability.


Tigers Eye – The stone of protection, courage, and power. Brings good luck. Focuses the mind, and brings mental clarity. Assists to help solve problems objectively without clouded emotions. Good for Self-confidence, courage and inner-strength. Power to prevail over emotional blockages. Relieves stress, anxiety, fear, sadness, and negative energies. Related to your sacral chakra.

Affirmation Card: Your own Affirmation Oracle Card (I intuitively pull for You while meditating on your Energy).

Writing Journal & Writing Utensil: (in the Reiki Energy Healing Session Box)

  • Intended to be used to express your emotions, feelings and experience throughout your Personal Distant Reiki Energy Healing Session.

  • Can also be used beside your bed as a Dream Journal to track your dreams on a nightly basis.

  • Can be used as a Gratitude Journal – where you write down a set number of things You are Grateful for each and every day!

  • Can be used as a General Journal/Daily Diary.

  • Do whatever Your Heart Desires with this Journal, as it now belongs to You!

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