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Aquarius Season Is Upon Us!

Aquarius Season is Upon Us!

Aquarius is a Fixed, Air element sign.

The Tarot Card that represents Aquarius is: The Star

I have SO many Aquarians in my life!

I personally find them very intriguing!

In my experience they are all extremely independent, intelligent, creative, artistic and innovative.

They are curious and driven. Also, conflicting and stubborn at times.

They love to explore. But they can also become detached.

They are a bit of “rebels” if I do say so myself!

Some may refer to them as unusual. But I prefer futuristic and quirky instead!

Overall they are caring and friendly individuals.

As truthful and opinionated as they can be…

They are also very sensitive. (a side of them you don’t typically see until you get to know them!)

What is your personal experiences with Aquarius individuals?

Comment below and let me know!


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