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Do You Juice?

Recipe of the Day!

Do You Juice?

Comment below and let me know!

This amazing fresh homemade green juice has so many health benefits

Just checkout all the veggies packed into this green juice giving you so many beneficial vitamins and nutrients boosting your immune system

I love to make healthy homemade juice for my family keeping them healthy and teaching them to be healthy!

Juice recipe from: @medicalmedium from his book: #brainsaverprotocols



6 - sprigs Fresh Thyme

2 - sprigs Fresh Rosemary

1 - small Garlic Clove (optional)

2 - raw Asparagus Spears (1/4-cup chopped)

2 - Brussels Sprouts

1 to 2 - Stalks Celery


  1. Run each ingredient through a juicer in the order listed from top to bottom.

  2. Pour into a glass to serve.

  3. Enjoy!


For the fresh thyme and rosemary, if the stems are woody, you can use just the leaves.

If the stems are soft, you can use them too.


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