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Pisces Season is Upon Us!

Pisces Season is Upon Us!

Pisces is a Mutable, Water element sign.

Ruled by the planet of Neptune.

The Tarot Card that represents Pisces is: The Moon

Personally, with my Moon in Pisces, I feel extremely connected to the Piscean Energy! As well as having been with a Pisces man for over 6 years, sharing two children, and co-parenting for the past 19 years… The energy is very familiar to me!

Pisces are typically very friendly, kind-hearted, and like-able individuals.

They are both deep and mysterious. They can have a hot and cold demeanor to them at times.

They are selfless and always try to help others. Sometimes leading to over-giving, or being taken advantage of.

They do not like conflict and tend to avoid confrontation.

They tend to be very introspective, imaginative and dreamy. They can oftentimes get lost in a dream-like state of their fantasizing and illusions.

They are very emotionally sensitive. They are romantics at heart. Typically in-love with love.

Pisces are known for having crazy off the charts intuition. They are also extremely empathetic! This can allow them to read and sense people at an almost always unmatched level. They can tend to read you and tell you exactly how you’re feeling.

Pisces often struggle with lack of confidence. They also often struggle with indecisiveness.

What is your personal experiences with Pisces individuals?

Comment below!


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