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Turning Your Loss into Love...

I’ve recently gone through what’s been my most painful loss to date in my life… the loss of my Father.

I’ve experienced different forms of loss all throughout different stages of my life. It’s never easy.

Although, certainly some things are just easier to work through and get over faster than others.

Loss can come in so many forms. Loss of trust in someone, loss of a pet, loss of a close friendship, loss of a relationship/marriage, loss of your home, loss of your job, loss of your pride or dignity, loss of your sense of safety, loss of your bodily comforts and or functions, loss of a loved one, to name a few. With SO many different forms of loss, unique stories, coping methods and ways to heal afterward; we can be so deeply and profoundly affected by our loss(es).

Each individual experience as well as the way we react to and then handle and heal through the loss will be unique to each person. As unique the story of anyone’s loss… no person’s loss should be diminished, compared to, or judged.

Each and every person has the right to deal with their loss in their own way without judgement. (as long as it’s not hurting them or anyone else!)

It’s SO very important to feel the loss and the pain and work through it rather than hold onto it.

In the past I’ve held onto loss and pain for SO long! It can cause deep and long-lasting affects when you Hold “In” and Hold “On” to your losses! GRIEVE!! Talk to someone! Let it OUT! BREATHE! You can, and should, work through it!

Turn your LOSS into LOVE!

Read the following article that truly has great information and advice!

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