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New Moon in Leo!

It's a New Moon in Leo!

Confidence is the Key to Success! This card heralds the start of a new cycle for you, when you are going to look and feel more gorgeous, more in the spotlight, more like you have something worth showing off. If you want someone’s attention, this card says, ”It’s coming!” However, this may not happen all by itself. You have to be willing to do your bit - that means being proud of who you are and what you have to offer. Think of yourself as the King or Queen of the Jungle, and carry yourself accordingly. This card is also a great omen if you’re asking about a creative project you’re working on. Alternatively, it can herald good news, or a new start, for your children. The Teaching: Leo is the sign of the big and brave-hearted lion, of pride and showmanship - and flirting. The energy around the New Moon in Leo (and therefore around this card, whenever you pick it) is hot and generous. The energy loves itself, and so should you. If you’ve been too much of a wallflower, this New Moon card (and the Leo New Moon) comes as a reminder that you need to be proud of who you are.

Happy New Moon!


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