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Virgo Season is Upon Us!

Virgo Season is upon us!

Virgo is a Mutable, Earth Element sign.

They are ruled by Mercury.

Virgo is symbolized by The Virgin for purity and perfection.

Virgo’s have a reputation for being perfectionists.

Virgo individuals tend to be grounded, kind, smart, sophisticated, resourceful, dedicated, and witty.

They usually like doing everything for themselves and don’t like asking others for help.

They are very practical, responsible, and have strong management skills.

They tend to be very efficient and dependable, oftentimes making them over-achievers.

They can sometimes be known to be anxious, picky, over-thinkers, easily-stressed, overly-critical, and often insecure.

Virgo’s tend to be happiest when they stay within their comfort zones.

In The Tarot, they are represented by The Hermit.

What’s your experience with Virgo individuals?! Comment below!


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