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5 Simple Self-Care Ideas for You to Get Started Today!

We ALL can become overly busy, living a kinda chaotic life at times with SO much going on!

Whether that be in our own lives with our day to day activities and responsibilities.

You know the dishes, laundry, working, taking care of our kids, cooking dinner, walking and feeding the dog... you get it!

To the unforeseen, and not always wanted, little (or often times BIG) events that occur outside our bubble (brought on by others) that directly affect us!

Like that A**hole guy that just cut you off and is driving like a maniac, your boss giving you a ton of work when you thought you'd get off early! (the "little" things)

You get into a car accident. You lose a pet. Your kid breaks an arm. Your spouse asks for a divorce. A death in the family. (The "big" things)

These ALL clutter our brains with consistent thoughts, feelings, emotions, responses, etc.

If you're anything like me and your brain NEVER shuts off, is constantly multi-tasking and rarely in a state of calm...

Learning, actually DOING, and Continually remembering to do these 5 things on a somewhat regular basis, will seriously help You to stay sane, happier and healthier!!!

Decluttering my space has been on the top of my daily "To-Do List" for Spring cleaning and getting things better organized!

I've struggled as a mother of 3 to find the time for self care! But even more so... I used to (and sometimes still do) feel "guilty" for taking care of myself?!?

Yeah, I just said guilty! I as a mother Always put my kids and their needs/wants before my own.

So, when I think of going to get a pedicure for the first time in over 6 months, my first thought goes to, I shouldn't spend the money, or, I could get the kids something.

It's taken me quit a long time to put those thoughts aside once in a while and remember to treat myself!

After getting a mani or pedi, even better a massage, lunch out with your girlfriends, even something as simple as a hot bubble bath (no kids involved!!)...

Don't You always "feel" better afterwards? You feel relaxed, refreshed, Happier! You can then in turn "Be" that for yourself, your kids and your spouse!

Remember Self-Care and take care of YOU!! You will then in turn take better care of those around you!

Read the following article for 5 simple self-care ideas for You to get started on today!

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