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Loneliness... A Problem of Epidemic Proportions.

I'm sure you've had the "feeling" of loneliness or being lonely in your life a time or two. I think we all have, it's normal from time to time.

But what about when your "feelings" of loneliness go on for an extended length of time?

What if your feelings of loneliness aren't resolved and you continue these feelings of loneliness until it becomes a chronic feeling that begins to affect your daily life in so many ways you never knew were possible?

What if loneliness slowly over time begins to take a part of you and you sort of disappear with the loneliness? Almost trying to forget the feelings of being lonely all together. Loneliness can feel like your soul slowly disappearing, or being ripped from you little by little.

What if SO much time goes by you begin to lose hope that you'll ever "feel" any different?

But... "What if" you wake up one day and slowly but surely begin to finally realize WTF am I doing allowing myself to live in this ongoing miserable state of being?

Something or Someone is one day (Hopefully! And, hopefully sooner than later!) is going to wake you the "F" up, and you may or may not, change over night.

You may begin to slowly come out of your cocoon, rather than breaking free all at once...

But you will FLY! And when you finally do... You'll feel SO damn free and see so clearly, you'll wonder what took you so long!

You'll kick yourself for not breaking free sooner and giving Yourself the chance to grow and fly!

Loneliness is partially a mindset that can be adjusted starting with YOU wanting too!

By You making those first steps, (maybe after that "something" or "someone" woke you up) to pull yourself back up towards the light and Want to make the change. It can be tough. It may not be easy. It may not be comfortable.

Bond with those you love and care about. Reconnect with people from your past or you've lost touch with over time that are important to you. Begin to make and create new connections for yourself. Keep in touch with your tribe and stay connected to those you truly care about.

As the article below states.... Loneliness is a problem of epidemic proportions.

Read this informative article to learn more about how it's affecting millions of people from all walks of life!

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