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The link between Your Gut-Health and Your Mood!

Let's discuss one of my favorite topics again!

GUT Health!!!

When I started learning about Gut Health several years ago and paying attention to my own gut...

Is when I really became completely fascinated with the subject and learning whatever I could about gut health!

Since then, I've radically improved my own gut health as well as the signs and symptoms that went along with my un-healthy gut at the time!

It certainly hasn't happened over night and it's definitely something I have to be conscious of to ensure I don't revert back to building bad gut bacteria!

But once you learn the connections between your gut health and your overall health, most importantly, your Gut-Mind connection...

And you begin working on improving the health of your gut and building the essential healthy bacteria living within...

You'll slowing begin to "feel" and "see" the changes and difference it has in the way it makes you "feel".

Gut health may seem un-important, but there truly is a very strong link between the health of your gut and your mind.

With that being said, your gut health can also be linked to your mood and emotional health!

The scientific proof directly linking the health of your gut to your emotional health is becoming undeniable.

When you have a disruption within your gut, which creates necessary chemicals that are transmitted to your brain, the disruptions can cause a disruption in the production of those necessary chemicals.

Therefore, these changes in chemical production within your gut can contribute to altered neurological functions within your brain.

Creating symptoms such as anxiety and depression. As well as overall moodiness.

The easiest and best way to begin improving Your gut health, is by improving your diet!

The foods you eat daily, greatly effect the healthy or harmful bacteria in your gut!

Begin by improving your overall diet, as well as incorporating "gut-healthy" foods into your diet!

Read the following informative article to learn more regarding the connection between Your Gut-Health and Your Mood!

Comment below on your experience with gut health or your thoughts about the gut-mind connection!

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