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Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe

With only 5 ingredients you can whip up this super simple Chocolate Chia Pudding recipe!

Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe
Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe

Get ready to indulge in this guilt-free healthy dessert that you can whip up without any baking! necessary!

So simple & absolutely delicious! – everyone

Here's a spin on a classic chocolate pudding recipe... This creamy and chocolatey dessert is so delicious that you can indulge guilt-free knowing you are eating a homemade and healthy dessert that's full of nutrients... you'll want to eat it for breakfast!

Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe


2 – TBS. Cacao Powder (or) Cocoa Powder

2 – TBS. Maple Syrup

1 – tsp. Vanilla Extract

1 – cup Milk (or) Any Milk Substitute

¼ - cup Chia Seeds


  1. In a medium bowl, add the cacao powder, maple syrup, vanilla extract, milk, and chia seeds. Whisk together until well combined.

  2. Set the mixture aside, leaving it stand untouched for 15-minutes while the chia seeds gel.

  3. After 15-minutes whisk mixture once more to mix well.

  4. Cover the bowl and place it into the refrigerator overnight, or at a minimum of 4-hours.

  5. Remove the chocolate chia seed pudding from the fridge and stir with a spoon.

  6. Serve into small dessert glasses. Top with your favorite fruit, whipped topping, chocolate shavings, or any other garnishes.

  7. ENJOY!

Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe
Chocolate Chia Pudding Recipe


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