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🌕 Full Moon in Cancer ♋️

Full Moon in Cancer

Let Your Fears Dissolve

Fear and neediness may now be at play. Fear is debilitating while neediness isn’t usually very attractive. Acting out of fear is a risky response, so if you dwell on your insecurities what you’ll manifest is an extension of those insecurities. The reason why we should face our fears is that in doing so, they often simply dissolve. If we don’t face them, they can influence us to act in ways we otherwise wouldn’t, which means we can end up manifesting the very thing we were hoping to avoid. To see off the fear that’s in you, face it right now.

Manifesting Mindset:

Facing your fears and working out where they came from will point you in the right direction and get you into the right mindset.

Your Manifestation Affirmation:

“I completely love and accept myself as I am.”

(Message directly from Guidebook)

Full Moon in Cancer
Full Moon in Cancer


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