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🌕 Full Moon in Taurus ♉️

Full Moon in Taurus


You need a detox to restore equilibrium to your situation. Perhaps you’ve been obsessing and have fallen into a negative headspace. Whatever the case, you need to release any dramas, possessiveness and stubbornness to free up everything. Digging your heels in won’t help, and neither will allowing yourself to be mean. It could be a spiritual, emotional or physical detox that’s called for.

Manifesting Mindset:

Your challenge now is to balance your self emotionally. This might not be easy, but it’ll boost your manifesting ability far more than if you are over emotional and therefore out of alignment.

Your Manifestation Affirmation:

“I express love and love comes back to me.”

The Full Moon in Taurus takes place when the Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon is in Taurus.

(Message directly from Guidebook)

Full Moon in Taurus
Full Moon in Taurus


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