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New Moon Eclipse

New Moon & (Partial) Solar Eclipse

Expect Powerful Change

If you want affirmation that you can achieve your dreams and get the desired outcome in the situation you’re asking about, then this is it. This is a card of beginnings and there are powerful energies at work. But be prepared: it could be quite a ride, and events now could even be jarring and uncomfortable. However, any new directions you take will almost always lead somewhere better than where you are at the moment. Whatever is happening now is happening for a reason you’ll appreciate later on.

A new portal is opening up and all you have to do is have the courage to forget about the past and move through it. You’re being put back on the right path. There is nothing to fear.

Attune to the Moon:

Never mind the past. Life evolves every single day.

Additional Meanings for this Card:

  • Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

  • You’re being shunted towards your life purpose.

  • Whatever is happening now is happening for your highest good.

  • This is an important turning point in your life.

The Teaching:

New Moon Eclipses are among the most exciting astrological events. They herald a complete change of pace. It’s as though you’re headed in one direction, probably being guided by your ego, and then here comes the Divine - the Goddess, or Spirit - to turn you instead to face the direction you actually need to go. Regardless of whether or not there’s a New Moon Eclipse happening when you pull this card, it’s a powerful affirmation of positive turnarounds.

(Message directly from Guidebook)


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