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Sagittarius Season is Upon Us!

Sagittarius Season is Upon Us!

Let’s welcome this vibrant and passionate energy!

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter and is a mutable (easy going) sign.

In the Tarot, Sagittarius is represented by the major arcana the Temperance card.

Sagittarius Card in Brief:

Good luck; favorable conditions; being open and broad-minded; going for the truth; being truthful; being Frank and honest; being kind and helpful; allowing others to be who they are; seeking answers; becoming curious; psychic fairs; visiting areas of study, universities; lecture halls; churches; bookstores; court houses; feeling passionate; going on a big adventure; travels in a southeastern direction; giving others freedom; gathering others together for a good cause; living for the moment; avoiding commitment; clumsy accidents; feeling loose inside the body; wine and beer; campouts; fireplaces; horses; the kidneys, buttocks, and upper thighs; gambling places; lottery tickets; panhandlers; the color violet, magenta, and blue.

Key Ideas:

Freedom; exploration; lucky breaks; religion; travel; philosophy; honesty.

You’ve gotta love the Sweet & Sexy Sagittarius individuals!


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