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Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo

Take Inspired Action

This card is bursting with Goddess energy and reminds you that while it’s wonderful to have lofty dreams, you also need to ground those desires by taking inspired action. Commune with the heavens, but take practical steps down here on Earth. Draw down the energies of the Divine by doing something as seemingly trivial as making a bullet-point list of what you need to do to manifest your dreams into reality. Also, know that you are 100% worthy of your dreams. Ditch self-effacement, criticism and second guessing yourself and others.

Manifesting Balance:

Find a balance between dreaming big and being practical.

Manifesting Mindset:

It’s important to believe in our dreams, but we also need to take practical steps towards them. The energy of this card will help you to connect with that reality.

Your Manifestation Affirmation:

“I forgive myself for everything, I am doing my best.”

(Message directly from Guidebook)


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