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What is a Health Coach?

Hi Everyone!

As a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, I specialize in helping others take their health back!

I do this through teaching you simple to understand information about nutrition, health and wellness.

By learning self-management strategies my clients feel inspired to eat healthier foods and empowered to make simple healthy lifestyle changes that allow them to not only reach, but to sustain, their health and wellness goals!

I’d love to offer you a free coaching session. During this call, we’ll take some time to explore your goals in these areas and any challenges you’re currently experiencing.

If you’re interested, let me know your availability so we can set up a time to connect. You can also schedule this call yourself directly through my online booking calendar at your convenience!

I look forward to chatting with you!

Until Next Time!

Health and Happiness,

Shantell @ PNW Health and Wellness


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