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Capricorn Season is Upon Us!

Capricorn Season is Upon Us!

Capricorn is a Cardinal, Earth element sign.

The Tarot Card that represents Capricorn is: The Devil

Capricorn individuals tend to be practical, resourceful, disciplined, responsible and hard-working.

Capricorns are typically very traditional and family-oriented.

Personally, I think Capricorns are great listeners and give good advice.

Capricorns more often than not, seem calm, cool, and collected.

Personally, I think many Capricorns also have a bit of a dark-side.

(known as the Capricorn-curveball)

Sometimes they can have a bit of a cruel attitude. They seem to enjoy others misfortunes. They are very calculating in all they do and their actions.

One thing you may not know about Capricorn individuals is that they are intense and passionate lovers. The love physical intimate connection. They are often dominant romantics.

Even as an Earth sign, I personally believe that Capricorn individuals are the most Ambitious of the zodiac signs! As diligent and hard-working as they are… I believe they can literally do and accomplish anything they set their mind to!

What is your personal experiences with Capricorn individuals?

Comment below!

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