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🌑 New Moon in Leo ♌️

New Moon in Leo


A new day is dawning. You’re moving from darker times to light, and are well on your way to your desired outcome. Be proud of who you are. Your self-confidence has got you this far, so keep on believing in yourself. Sometimes we have to fake it until we make it, and that’s okay too! You’re on the right track and the future is bright. In relationships carry yourself with respect and others will respect you. Whatever challenges you’re facing, consider taking a more creative approach.

Manifesting Focus

This card is an especially good sign for matters related to romance, creativity, children (your own or someone else’s) or a situation requiring confidence.

Manifesting Mindset

Love yourself and step into center stage. Be generous with others, but also be a little bit selfish if you need to be.

Your Manifestation Affirmation

“I am magnificent! I love me!”

(Message directly from Guidebook)

New Moon in Leo Oracle Card
New Moon in Leo Oracle Card


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