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New Moon in Scorpio!

New Moon in Scorpio!

Go Deeper! You’re regaining control of a situation that cut deep. You’ve moved through your fears and can now see where this issue has come from. Now isn’t the time to gloss over the facts. Rather, it’s time for you to face your darkest concerns… and go deeper. Your situation may need to crumble before it can be renewed. Magic is called for. It’s crucial to stay strong now. Sexually, it’s time to reach for true communion with your partner. Financially, this is a blessed time to work with someone on a joint venture. It’s time to release a grudge. Manifesting Focus: This card is an especially good sign for matters related to sex, money or an obsession you’ve been grappling with. Manifesting Mindset: Know that you are magic. Clear out negativity to supercharge your manifesting powers. Your Manifestation Affirmation: “Life goes in cycles and my life is now regenerating.” (Message directly from Guidebook)

This energy is deep and transformational!!


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