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🌑 New Moon in Virgo ♍️

New Moon in Virgo

A time to give rather than take.

When this card comes up, it’s time for you to take stock of your situation. Where are you, and where do you want to go? The New Moon energy of this card suggests a restart and the Virgo energy suggests you make that restart a clever one that’s simple and well organized. Virgo also has a strong health aspect to it, so if you’ve been unwell, this card suggests that your health his on the up. Virgo loves clean eating and alternative therapies, so add these into your routine now, however you’ve been feeling. If your situation is blocked at the moment, it could be that you’re over-analyzing things or being too critical. It’s time to ask less what someone else can do for you and to think more about what you can do for others.

Attune with the Moon:

Reconnect to healthy morning and evening routines.

The Teaching:

Virgo is a sign of health, service and analysis - its energy is precise and has a feel of the harvest about it. When this card comes up, it could be that a wonderful bounty is coming your way. However, the energy of the New Moon in Virgo is usually about getting your life in order, so that’s what you need to do at the time of the Virgo New Moon and whenever else you pull this card.

(Message directly from Guidebook)

New Moon in Virgo Oracle Card
New Moon in Virgo Oracle Card


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